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Think and Get Rich

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"All that remains is your DECISION to win the life you dream of."

Think And Grow Rich has been the best-selling personal development book in the world for decades.

Translated into Greek the full text as it was published in its original form in 1937.

This edition includes the legendary "Message to Garcia" about the Initiative, as well as the historic speech of Major K.A. Bach for Leadership.

  • The book Think and Get Rich comes to help you focus on your own desire in the most decisive way.

The diary

It is an annual diary of Self-Analysis, based on Napoleon Hill's monumental personal development project, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.

Every month is a lesson.

On each page are presented texts of the course that end in a self-observation exercise at the end of the month.

  • Every month is a lesson.


"The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons"

The Law of Success

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"Teaching, for the first time in the history of the world, the true philosophy on which every form of personal success is built"

Success lies in how you adapt yourself to the ever-changing environment of life, in a spirit of harmony and sobriety. Harmony is based on understanding the forces that make up our environment. Therefore, this method is in fact a "road map" that can lead to success, because it helps the student to interpret, understand and exploit as much as possible the forces of the living environment.

  • The Law of Success is the ultimate guide for the person who wants to Win and Be Happy.

  • The Law of Success will teach you how to think like a Winner, how to become a Winner and how to reap the fruits of Victory.

  • Yes, if you apply the Law of Success, you will see your craziest dreams come true!

Nikola Tesla, the prophet of the 21st century

Nikola Tesla was a pioneering scientist and inventor who, with the sensitivity of a poet, unlocked the secrets of nature and gave them to humanity. A dreamer who dared with his thought to touch the stars.

Despite the difficulties of the times, the ideas, visions and values ​​that Tesla represented open the way for all of us for a more humane, creative and bright future.

  • Tesla effect

  • Supplier of electricity

  • Wireless energy transfer


"A world for which humanity will, perhaps, be ready in the 21st century…"

Escape from the Cave

NEW ENRICHED VERSION - My purpose is for this book to inspire you and give you the impetus to discover your inner strength, so that you can make a new beginning. To make a new beginning by taking your life in your hands. As long as you want it.

  • "A true story of self-improvement: How I discovered my inner strength and made my dreams come true"


"I did it… why not you too !!!"

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"What would happen if we managed to figure out 'how'?"

The magic of the human mind

What is the magic, if not the decipherment of what we may not yet understand? Can we decipher our human mind and way of thinking? What would happen if we managed to figure out the "how"?

  • Tools and techniques

  • Written in easy, clear and understandable way

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Album of the little Hero


The Law of Success + Calendar

The Law of Success + Think and Get Rich

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The Law of Success + Think and Get Rich + Calendar

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