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1 3ήμερο σεμινάριο αντίστοιχο του προγράμματος

11-13 ΙΟΥΝΙΟΥ 2021

Πέταξε το περιττό λίπος, μία για πάντα

Πέταξε το περιττό λίπος, μία για πάντα

Ένα 3μηνο πρόγραμμα μεταμόρφωσης με στόχο να σας βοηθήσει να πάτε την ζωή σας εκεί που θέλετε εσείς. Με τα κατάλληλα εφόδια, γνώσεις και εργαλεία να πάρετε την ζωή σας στα χέρια σας.

The Body You Deserve

Πέταξε το περιττό λίπος, μία για πάντα

Life - Wellness & Beauty Program

Πέταξε το περιττό λίπος, μία για πάντα

One, Step by Step, Program to Gain and Maintain the Ideal Weight for a LIFE!
12 Days of systematic training
10 Specially designed courses for permanent results
4 Phases / Stages of Transformation
3 Great Life Goals: Mind! Body! Health!
1 Supreme Purpose
12 Days of systematic training

The body you deserve - a few words and information

The course "The Body You Deserve" is a 12-day slimming and weight loss program that focuses on the frontal attack on unhealthy eating habits, where they start - in the MIND! '' 'it all starts and is in the mind' 'have you ever heard this expression?

These are Strategies and Techniques that Tony Robbins himself applied to him, as I did to myself and I managed, like many others, to achieve an ideal Body Weight following the step-by-step system created by Tony Robbins himself. .

With these proven effective techniques and strategies, you too can use the system that works to overcome the unhealthy relationship you have with food.

We are not talking about a dry diet or fast results, here we are talking about completely changing the planning that exists in our minds and creating completely new strengthening habits in order to achieve permanent changes that will last over time. Something that everyone will be able to achieve effortlessly, methodically and step by step, in order to reach a healthy and full of energy lifestyle and a radiant body with well-being and beauty.

When you attend the course of the weight loss program "The Body You Deserve" you will be able to take the necessary steps to change the relationship you have with food and to put exercise in your life once and for all!

  • 10 Living Lessons with Michalis Kinazidis. And they will be recorded so that you can have them whenever you want to listen to them.

  • 12 steps to achieve and maintain results

  • Audiovisual material with instructions on how to follow the whole process

  • Specially designed Workbook for each lesson

  • Empowerment cards with messages and aids

  • Weekly diet and exercise program.

What the Package Contains

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Phase A: Introduction and Understanding of the Dynamics of the ¨The Body You Deserve¨ Program ¨

  • Day # 1 : Taking Control in Our Hands: Mind, Body, Emotions, Psychology, LIFE!

  • Day # 2 : Breaking down prejudices, anchors and obstacles

  • Day # 3 : Turning weak desire into a Powerful One Way of Life!

Phase B: What we need to do!

  • Day # 4 : The 6 Gifts and 4 Deaths of the Ideal Body, Health and Wellness

  • Day # 5 : The Power of Aerobic Exercise

The 3 Phases

Phase C: How to do it!

  • Day # 6 : Chained Behavior: How to Stop the Vicious Cycle

  • Day # 7 : The Language of Success

  • Day # 8 : Momentum Management: Tools to make the change last permanently

  • Day # 9 : Maximum Performance Part # 1

  • Day # 10 : Maximum Performance Part # 2

  • Day # 11 : Maintaining the Body You Deserve for a Lifetime Part # 1

  • Day # 12 : Maintaining the Body You Deserve for a Lifetime Part # 2

12 Days of systematic training
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