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The life of your dreams. "Planning your new life" (business)

- ASCIRA Millionaires Members
- SECRETO Customers and Partners
- Pupils / Students of the Hero Academy
- KR Media Partners

Payments: Justification (Your name and next to Seminar)


N26: +306940121292

Piraeus IBAN: GR0201723500005350068695201

Abroad: IBAN: DE19 1001 1001 2629 5733 45

Necessary condition payment amount and sending a receipt

Viber / Messenger / WhatsApp / Telegram (Contact the Hero Academy)

Tel. Contact +30 6940121292 Hero Academy
Tel. Contact +30 6949666933 Hero Academy

Social Media
- Michael Kinazides
- Michael Kinazides 2
- Micheal Kinazides Mastermind Coach (Page)
- Hero The Mentor Academy Training System by Michael Kinazides (Page of the Academy)

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