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Turning fear into power. "The flame inside you - awaken the power"

Life, Business & Relationship Mastery by Michael A. Kinazides

The most lively, dynamic, full of music and energy, and with practical steps, experiential seminars in your life is now a fact and will take place in ATTICA in Paphos and Due to the season, we decided to do it completely free !!!
(For those who do not manage to hold a position, you will be able to watch it via zoom online)

And if you are wondering if it is for you, it is whichever way you look at it. If you do not believe it, look at the issues !!!

In the heart of crisis and insecurity we will create the life you want.

- professionally and financially; Yes it will!
- for businessmen; yes it will
- emotional / personal life and psychology; yes it will!
- Relationships communication; Yes it will!
- body and Health; Yes it will!
- parents and children

The question, therefore, is not who it is for and where it is addressed or if it is for you, but which of these issues concerns you the most, so that you have all your attention on the specific event!

how will we manage to see them all?

In a 90-minute film we see and experience an entire story and it touches us sometimes so much that we remember it for a lifetime. Some people have even made decisions that changed their lives forever through a phrase or scene from the movie.

Your life will definitely not be the same after this seminar, because here we are not talking about information and theoretical knowledge, but together we will do the following step by step.

How you can PRACTICALLY change:

- financially? Yes it will!
- professionally; yes it will!
- emotionally? yes it will!
- Relationships communication; Yes it will!
- body and Health; Yes it will!
- parents and children.

- ASCIRA Millionaires Members
- SECRETO Customers and Partners
- Pupils / Students of the Hero Academy
- KR Media Partners

Payments: Justification (Your name and next to Seminar)


N26: +306940121292

Piraeus IBAN: GR0201723500005350068695201

Abroad: IBAN: DE19 1001 1001 2629 5733 45

Necessary condition payment amount and sending a receipt

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